Have More Fun! with Joanna Shaw Flamm
Use improvisation to make your life more delightful (and your work better in the process)

Are you:
-Terrified of improv?
-Convinced you aren't funny? 
-An actor with a soul-crushing day job?
-An experienced improvisor, but the thrill is gone?
-An experienced something else, but the thrill is gone?

You need to Have More Fun! Using the work of Viola Spolin and Neva Boyd, Joanna will get you, or you and your team, playing like the super fun person you used to be/want to be. With extensive teaching experience from ages 3 to 103, Joanna will create a safe, totally not embarrassing environment and lead you through games and exercises intended to get you moving, amp up your listening, spark your imagination, and encourage the kinds of creative risks that make our adult brains cower in fear.  Most important, you'll have a really fun time! Perfect for spicing up dreaded HR events, shaking up your improv team, or helping you break through a wall before your next audition. 

Happy corporate customers:

  • "Our team had a blast playing and learning with Joanna! We're so psyched to bring these games into our work!"

To find out more about Have More Fun! workshops, or to bring Joanna to your office's HR events (I'm sure YOURS aren't terrible), send an email below!

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